Golkonda Literary Festival poster launched

The organisers of Golkonda literary Festival released a poster on Nov 6, 2021, at Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Sciences, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad. The theme of the festival is Celebrating 75 years of Independence.

Sri G. Valliswar said this is the right time and opportunity for us to delve into history and bring to light the valour of unsung heroes of the freedom struggle, those who renounced their personal lives and jumped into the freedom struggle with the lofty objective to free the country from the clutches of British colonial forces.

The poster was released by Sri G. Valliswar, Sr. Journalist and convenor of Golkonda Litfest, Dr. Annadanam Subramanyam , Secretary, Keshav Memorial Education Society, and Sri Ayush , Secretary Samachara Bharati.

Informing about the Golkonda Sahiti Mahotsav or Literary Festival, Sri Ayush , said that this is a two-day conclave in the heart of the city, attracting reputed literary figures, writers, publishers and book-lovers, reviewers and critics. It wishes to capture the quintessential spirit of freedom struggle and celebrate such literature and creative arts of those times.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Annadanam Subramanyam, said that the pre-Independence literature played a vital role in inspiring millions of Indians and channelized their lives and energy into fighting against foreign forces. In addition, this literature also laid foundations for independent India and its vision to regain its lost glory.

Newly published books would also be released during the festival. The sessions would be held in Telugu, English and Hindi, appropriately reflecting the rich linguistic diversity of the city.



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