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గోల్కొండ సాహితీ మహోత్సవం

Golkonda Literary Festival

Golkonda Sahiti Mahotsav or Golkonda Literary Festival was organized in the city of Hyderabad on 20th and 21st Nov 2021 by the well-known media, cultural and literary organization Samachara Bharati Cultural Association.  It was a two-day conclave in the heart of the city attracting reputed literary figures, writers, publishers and book-lovers, reviewers and critics celebrating literature and creative arts. The sessions were held in Telugu, Hindi and English appropriately reflecting the rich linguistic diversity of the city.  A few newly published books were also be released during the festival.


Celebration of Bharat – Swaraj 75 – Swatantrata Ka Amrutotsav

As the nation is approaching 75 years of independence, government and civil society are gearing up towards retrieving and celebrating the contributions of forgotten legends and events in history. The Golkonda Lit Fest had special sessions with speakers presenting the various facets of the history of the Deccan region.


Speakers and participants

Well-known authors and artists from Hyderabad and other parts of the country attended the festival. The festival hopes for a Revival and Reconstruction of national thought processes and a seamless narrative that unites India, while also celebrating the diversity of the city and the state. Check out the list of speakers here.


Panels, Sessions and Themes

The plenary, panels and breakout sessions provided stimulating and thought-provoking discussions focusing on the positive constructive approach on a host of national and regional issues as reflected in literature, arts and culture.  Panel discussions and lively debates followed by breakout sessions were held.

Check out the details of the panels here.